Hello, you are now on this wikia, congrats but to move up in the world of Funky funky fire fire, you have to complete a task for each promotion

(Note, to be promoted to any rank you must already hold the rank below it, eg you must be a discussions mod to become content mod)

Chat mod: To become a chat mod is simple, all you have to do is bully this person trust me it's fine, he has consented to this so throw everything you have at him! Or get us a new table.

Discussions mod: All you have to do is create your own original meme and post it on this page

Content mod: Post a video of you eating a raw potato skin included, on this page

Rollback: To become a rollback all you have to do is get banned from our wikia, be creative about how you do it, do something we would do, spam us on the chat, make a comment about our mothers, just don't make it too bad or it'll be an infinite ban.

Admin: To become an Admin, click on this link --> Click in a public area with your volume at full and post a video of you doing it on this page